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(BPT) -在不断变化的城市和郊区生活景观中, 混合用途的开发已经成为智能社区的一个例子. Blending convenience, sustainability, and a vibrant social …

A Tool to Help Hobbyists and Professionals Get the Job Done

(Family Features) Whether you're into woodworking, metalworking, building models or another craft or hobby, the right tools allow you to work faster, easier and smarter. 考虑这个有能力和多才多艺的项目合作伙伴为您的下一个DIY工作.
Generac Urges Americans to Prepare for Power Outages Early

Generac Urges Americans to Prepare for Power Outages Early

(susa十大网赌信誉网址大厅进入)——最近的Generac/Harris Poll调查提供了对大范围停电准备的见解*随着2024年大西洋飓风季节预计将有最高的活动水平…

Moving Season Security: 6 solutions to safeguard valuables

(Family Features) It's moving season, which means packing up valuables like tech devices, family heirlooms, 珠宝和其他东西,相信他们会安全到达你的新地方.

Moving Resources For Military Families

(NAPSI)——军人家庭和退伍军人都知道,当个人电脑订单到达时,为亲人搬家可能会有压力——但你可以采取一些措施让事情变得更容易.   Keeping Military …

Spray Texture 101

(BPT) -从在天花板上添加一点尺寸到在重点墙上做出大胆的声明, texture is playing a larger role in home décor. The use of visual texture can help elevate a …

The most affordable way to create your forever home? Above-floor plumbing

在今天的房地产市场,买房可能不是最明智的主意. If you bought or refinanced your home in early 2022, 你可能可以利用低利率和…

Tips to “Yard Your Way” This Spring

Choose plants that support pollinators and wildlife.

今年春天,房主们可以采取“自家院子”的态度,为自己的户外空间增添色彩, advises the TurfMutt Foundation, which is celebrating 15 years of …

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Keep Up with Kitchen Trends
(Family Features) 厨房的升级通常都是为了满足家庭的需求而进行的实际更新. 在你深入厨房项目之前,考虑一下这些流行的设计建议.
(Family Features) 因为点燃烤架可以使准备饭菜又快又容易, 它可以让你有更多的时间和朋友和家人在一起,而不是因为困在厨房里而错过了阳光.
Rocket Loans报告说,大大小小的房屋改善提供了良好的投资回报.
(BPT) - Do you have good flushing habits? Flushing may seem like a simple, routine task, but unfortunately, 许多人冲洗的东西会给当地和全国的污水造成严重问题。
Go Green with Home Cleaners
(Family Features) 如果你正在寻找既清洁又环保的方法, it may be easier than you think. 考虑一下这些简单实惠的解决方案,让你的生活更环保.
Caring for your home and family

This Year's Design Trend Report

(BPT) -“风格和设计围绕着十大网赌信誉网址大厅进入,影响着十大网赌信誉网址大厅进入的感受, the personality of a room or the energy of a space,” said Laura Grilli, director of product design for Daltile. …


(BPT) - Did you pick up DIY skills during the pandemic? While your interest may have started out of necessity, you’re ready to tackle bigger projects, like building a fence or installing …
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5 Handy Ways to Jumpstart Productivity in Your Workspace

(Family Features) 设计一个项目工作空间可以把你的创造力带到新的高度. 根据这些建议,建立一个可以让你探索你的激情的工作空间.

5 Steps to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring

(Family Features) While factors like climate, soil type and grass type can all impact how your yard grows, 在春天的几个月里,你可以采取一些步骤来帮助你的草坪茁壮成长.
(NewsUSA) - Today’s homeowners are having an Extra Room Boom! 这一最新的房地产现实标志着两种日益增长的趋势的融合——房屋面积的扩大和家庭住房面积的减少。
When it comes to laundry, 气味一致的产品对你来说意味着成功的甜蜜.
Top Tips for Signature Scents and Better-Smelling Laundry
(NAPSI)—You should have a signature scent. Whether fruity or floral, herbal or homey, 随身携带这种香水会让你全天候都感觉精神饱满.   …
Discover the hidden hazards lurking within your home. From dust to pet dander and volatile organic compounds, 室内污染物会影响你的健康,但简单的策略可以净化空气,创造更健康的生活空间.
Clear the Air of Indoor Pollutants This Spring
在春天,人们常常关注户外的空气质量. 但室内空气质量(IAQ)也是整体健康和福祉的一个关键方面. Unbeknownst to many, …
5 simple spring safety tips for your home
在春天让你的家焕然一新不仅仅是整理衣柜和清洁地板. 随着冬天的融化和温暖的天气的回归,主动检查你家里的系统……
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How to make spring cleaning your kitchen and bathroom easier

(BPT) - The sun is shining, and the weather is warming up, so you know what that means: it's spring cleaning season! 当你要彻底清洁厨房和浴室的时候,你可能希望……

How much does a home addition cost?

Rocket Loans takes factors such as project size, type of room, labor, 和功能的考虑,以确定家庭增加的成本.

Master facility repairs with these 4 expert tips

(BPT) - If you’re a facility maintenance professional, you know the challenge of juggling multiple responsibilities. 除了日常维护,你还是个万事通。

DIY Like a Boss: 6 Tips for Your Next Project

(BPT)——自己动手(DIY)项目并不仅仅是为经验丰富的专业人士保留的. With preparation, a few handy tips and tricks, and high-quality protective gear, anyone can tackle home …



小雪和冬季风暴是无法预测的,户外电力设备协会(OPEI)鼓励家庭和企业主在恶劣天气来袭之前提前做好准备. …

Simple Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill

清洁的暖通空调系统效率更高,而且在这个冬天不用消耗太多的能源来保持舒适的温度, ultimately saving you money on utility costs.

(NAPSI)—There’s good news for the 46% of U.S. 今年冬天用天然气取暖的家庭:预计将花费7美元.8% less this year than last year. Heating with electricity or …